New York Strip

Traditional NY Strip cut - Approx. 16 oz.


This cut is available in 3 grades. Learn more

A world-class steak named for a world-class city, the New York Strip has the firmness, short grain texture, and rich beef flavor most people associate with a classic steak.

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Complete The Experience
Ultra New York Strip - Approx. 16oz. (Qty: 1)
All for $134.45

About the New York Strip

You didn’t wake up hungry, but you did wake up anticipating being hungry. In the fridge, when you grab the cream for your coffee, spying that 5-Star New York Strip actually makes you smile. Predictably, the workday drags, so you head home early. Hank’s thrilled to see you, but a bit put off by your indifference. He follows you to the kitchen and watches as you unwrap and salt your steak, place it on a platter, and leave it on the counter. Then you pull the cork on the cab to let it breathe and grab the leash to go for a walk—the distraction will do you both good. The spring in Hank’s step says he thinks that steak is for him, but the spring in yours begs to differ. Back home, you pour yourself a glass of wine and fire up the grill. When the steak hits the grates, at least Hank gets to clean the platter. You’re both lucky dogs.

  • Kuroge Washu bulls raised in the U.S. and bred with American cows
  • No added hormones or growth promotants of any kind
  • Hand-cut by our master butchers
  • Individually wrapped
  • BMS varies depending on grade (learn more about our grades)
  • Product ships with dry ice to arrive frozen or chilled
Also known as the Delmonico Steak, this is a short loin cut perfect for grilling.
Also known as the Delmonico Steak, this is a short loin cut perfect for grilling.
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Sustainably Packaged

We have two important objectives in preparing your order for shipment. First and foremost, that your meat arrives in perfect condition. Second, that the packaging be as environmentally friendly as possible. We seal each steak in its own airtight wrapper and use dry ice to ensure everything stays frozen or near-frozen in transit. The insulating liner is water-soluble and can literally be washed down the drain or composted, and the outer shipping carton is fully recyclable, post-consumer cardboard.

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