Ground Beef


Mishima Reserve ground beef simply makes for the most luscious and flavorful burgers ever. The marbling melts and helps create a perfect crust, sealing the juices into the patty, until that first, mind-blowing bite.

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About Ground Beef

No need to mess too much with the grind – just some salt, a few twists from the pepper mill, maybe a dash of something secret, and a few kneads to fold everything in. The Mishima Reserve ground beef is its own magic. Slice up the Beecher’s Flagship nice and thick, stage the toppings, and ice the beer. The neighbors, like the coals, are glowing, they’re so excited for what’s to come. If they get too excited, spritz them with spray bottle—the coals, not your neighbors. Last year they stayed so late they had to pay bonuses to the babysitters. This year, they planned accordingly, ready for the best backyard burger of their lives. With the perfect amount of fat, the hiss and sizzle from the grill practically dares you to reach for the ketchup – who needs it when the burger is this juicy. Lucky for everyone, this year there are plenty of extra napkins.

  • Kuroge Washu bulls raised in the U.S. and bred with American cows
  • No added hormones or growth promotants of any kind
  • 1 lb. packages for easy storage
  • Our premium ground beef is 77% lean
  • Product ships with dry ice to arrive frozen or chilled
Comes from various cuts of beef which makes this cut versatile and easy to use.
Comes from various cuts of beef which makes this cut versatile and easy to use.

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Sustainably Packaged

We have two important objectives in preparing your order for shipment. First and foremost, that your meat arrives in perfect condition. Second, that the packaging be as environmentally friendly as possible. We seal each steak in its own airtight wrapper and use dry ice to ensure everything stays frozen or near-frozen in transit. The insulating liner is water-soluble and can literally be washed down the drain or composted, and the outer shipping carton is fully recyclable, post-consumer cardboard.

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