Cooking Tips
Ideal for
  • Braise
  • Roast

Like our coziest cashmere sweater on a cool autumn morning, we welcome the warm embrace of braising season with all the possibilities that Mishima Reserve offers.  

  • Season the fully-thawed beef at least 4 hours prior to cooking to allow the seasoning to fully penetrate the meat.
  • Remove the beef from your refrigerator prior to cook time to allow it to come up to room temperature. Set your oven or slow-cooker to the desired temperature.
  • In our kitchen, we brown the meat before braising or using the slow-cooker. This adds layers of flavor and helps develop rich umami notes in beef.
  • When braising or using a slow cooker, the tough connective tissues break down – collagen to gelatin.  This process transforms the cuts into symphonies of succulent, tender dishes that your guests will enjoy.
  • Acids intensify the transformation and development of lush gelatins, so we’re always looking for marinades, rubs, and recipes where we can add acid to our braises. 
  • Further balance braising dishes with side dishes of sharper acidity like a simple green salad with a basic vinaigrette.