Cooking Tips
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  • Roast

Whether it's a holiday soirée, an anniversary dinner, or the dinner party of the year, there's nothing more celebratory - or indulgent - than preparing a whole roast for your guests. 

  • Season at least 4 hours prior to cooking and refrigerate. Then allow the roast to come up to room temperature at least 1-2 hours prior to cook time. 
  • Roast on a rack, or even better on a bed of mirepoix because it adds vegetable aromatics and enhances the richness of the juices. 
  • To create a deep, brown caramelized exterior, start the roast at 475º, and once the desired color is achieved, gradually reduce the heat to 300º - 325º. 
  • Check the internal temperature frequently using a high-quality instant read thermometer, such as the Thermapen Mk4. Be mindful of carryover cooking when roasting meats - the roast will increase in temperature 5º to 10º after you remove it from the oven. 
  • Rest the beef under a loose, aluminum foil tent after it is removed from the oven. Rest smaller roasts for 10-20 minutes, and large roasts up to one hour. 
Roast Cooked