Mishima Reserve Cutting Board

12 ¾” X 10 ½”


A perfect addition to any kitchen, our cutting board does double duty as a well-designed cutting surface or as a stylish serving platter.

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About the Mishima Reserve Cutting Board

We partnered with Jones Cutting Boards to design the perfect board for resting, cutting, and serving with our customers - and our steaks - in mind. Handcrafted in the USA, this board will quickly become one of the hardest-working items in your kitchen, whether serving as perfect resting spot for NY Strip Steaks coming off the grill, or as the ideal serving tray for your beef as you host a Butcher’s Cut Dinner Party.   

Made of 100% edge-grain cherry wood, we added a deep “juice groove” to the edge that will capture any juices before they end up on your countertop. We elevated the board slightly to give your Mishima Reserve steaks the platform that they deserve when you set them down on the table for your sure-to-be-impressed guests. The wood that we use is carefully hand-selected as optimal cutting board material with no harmful stains or dyes used during production to achieve coloring. The discerning eye will notice expert workmanship: the joints are incredibly tight and clean for superior strength, and the overall feel is smooth with no sharp edges due to the 8-stage sanding process that is used. Finally, these boards are finished using 100% food-safe mineral oil and buffed with a beeswax coat for further protection.  We recommend Howard Butcher Block Conditioner to keep your board looking and performing its best. 

  • 100% edge-grain cherry
  • Elevated 3/4” for serving
  • Finished with 100% food-safe mineral oils and beeswax
  • Deep “juice groove” will capture juices before they end up on your countertop or table
  • Handcrafted in the USA
Mishima Reserve Cutting Board
Mishima Reserve Cutting Board

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Sustainably Packaged

We have two important objectives in preparing your order for shipment. First and foremost, that your meat arrives in perfect condition. Second, that the packaging be as environmentally friendly as possible. We seal each steak in its own airtight wrapper and use dry ice to ensure everything stays frozen or near-frozen in transit. The insulating liner is water-soluble and can literally be washed down the drain or composted, and the outer shipping carton is fully recyclable, post-consumer cardboard.

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