Unicorn – Magnum Plus Pepper Grinder

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Powerhouse pepper grinder – the ultimate in grind quality and speed with the easiest adjustment mechanism on the market. 

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About the Unicorn - Magnum Plus Pepper Grinder 

Behold. Unicorn’s flagship grinder, the one that has won all of the accolades. It certainly gets our vote.

The 9-inch Magnum Plus is the fastest grinding pepper mill on the market thanks to its well-cut, oversized grinding mechanism, which is manufactured in Italy. We find the grinder easy to fill, and the thumb screw on the bottom is both easy to adjust and stays set when filling the grinder.

Don’t just take our word for it, Cook’s Illustrated agrees:

“The Magnum Plus has a number if distinguishing features that make it my first choice for kitchen use, including a super-large capacity and blinding speed. The large hole on the side of the mill is an easy way to load the peppercorns. For serious pepper users, this is the best choice.”

It comes in black and is designed for pepper only - do not use the Unicorn for grinding salt, which can corrode the steel grinding mechanism.

  • Unicorn’s fastest grinding mills ever with new "Superiore" steel mechanism 
  • Huge 1 ¼ cup storage capacity
  • Sliding side-mounted loading ring for easy filling
  • Grind size adjustment thumb screw on bottom stays set when filling
  • Extra length gives better leverage for ease of use
  • Made in the USA from parts made in the USA and Italy

Unicorn – Magnum Plus Pepper Grinder
Unicorn – Magnum Plus Pepper Grinder

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