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A luxurious and delicious delicacy, Alaskan King Crab (as the name implies) is the largest of the crab species found in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands. 

What Makes Alaskan King Crab Extraordinary?


Alaska has one of the world’s few governments that is truly dedicated to sustainability and promises to provide wild caught and sustainable seafood for generations to come. The state’s constitution even calls for all fisheries to be sustainably managed and ensure the crab populations are never over harvested nor harmed. 


Through sustainable harvesting techniques and established processing methods, the King Crab from Alaska's clean waters is the highest quality. Packed with protein and low in calories, King Crab is a delicious delicacy.

Crab Fishing
Crab Fishing


The taste and texture of Alaskan King Crab is unmatched. Whether you enjoy our Mac & Cheese, Merus, or Crab Cakes, you will discover incredible consistency and deliciousness Alaskan King Crab has to offer.


All fishing photos courtesy of Alaska Seafood