Cap of Ribeye Flight


For many steak aficionados, the Ribeye is prized for its copious marbling, beefy flavor, and supreme tenderness. But for those truly in the know, the Cap of Ribeye is the ultimate muse. It has everything the traditional Ribeye has—the marbling, the flavor, the juiciness—only the Cap has them at a level that is over and above anything most people have ever eaten. The opportunity to experience this steak across all three of our grades—4-Star, 5-Star, and Ultra—amounts to a steak lover’s fantasy come true. The unparalleled richness of Mishima Reserve American-bred Kuroge Washu beef that is showcased in our Cap of Ribeye is nearly indescribable. Let’s just call it pure joy. Whomever on your list lucky enough to receive these truly world-class steaks will not be able to fathom what they did to deserve such a gourmet gift.

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Sustainably Packaged

We have two important objectives in preparing your order for shipment. First and foremost, that your meat arrives in perfect condition. Second, that the packaging be as environmentally friendly as possible. We seal each steak in its own airtight wrapper and use dry ice to ensure everything stays frozen or near-frozen in transit. The insulating liner is water-soluble and can literally be washed down the drain or composted, and the outer shipping carton is fully recyclable, post-consumer cardboard.

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