Elevated Ski Weekend

We love Aspen. We love its mining-town history, its unlimited range of runs, and its low-key vibe. We love the fact that anything you want, you can get. It’s like New York City at 8,000 feet —only with better views and brilliant air! We love the Nell, too, but sometimes you want your own place away from the downtown scene. Your own mountainside cabin with a river rock fireplace and a 12-point bull elk over the mantel; you want to ski in before your legs give out and curl up on oversized couches, bourbon in hand, and plenty of Pendleton blankets to go around. Maybe most of all, you want a fully stocked gourmet kitchen where you and your friends can create a few well-earned delicious dinners.

1. Tomahawk

The Tomahawk is about as close to out-of-bounds as you can get. Visually, it’s a stunner – a thick-cut, juicy Ribeye with the bone attached. Ideal for the grill, but you can certainly sear it on the cast iron, too.

2. Thick-Cut Ribeye

This super-premium Ribeye, one of our signature cuts, is a full inch and half thick. Richly marbled, tender as they come, this steak will fortify you for all the glade skiing you’ll be doing in the morning.

3. Panzanella

Crusty bread, Beecher’s Cheese, roasted peppers… Need we say more? If there’s a time when you can easily justify a “bread salad,” then a day spent making turns above 8,000 feet is definitely it.

4. Pan-Seared Greens

Hail the kale — and the colorful chard and collards, too! These pan-seared greens have just a hint of heat from jalapeno and a cider vinegar acidity that stands in contrast to the richness of the beef. We love this side dish for its low effort / high impact ratio.

5. Woodward Canyon "Old Vines" Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine pairs perfectly with the beef and we think it’s one of Woodward Canyon’s best. It has a slightly heavier profile than many cabs, which to us is an asset, especially in the winter.

6. Chocolate Old Fashioned

With the bourbon already on hand, this classic cocktail with a chocolate twist is perfect for sipping in front of the fire.

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