Autumn Dinner

Autumn Dinner

Between the fade of summer's frolic and distant glimpse of winter, autumn explodes in a riot of color and flavor. Shorter days bring cooler nights, candlelight, and the first fire of the season. The boat's been hauled out, the berries put up, and the garden is gifting you its last brilliant carrots. Over morning coffee, the conversation inevitably turns to what's for dinner, and the excitement of favorite recipes you're eager to get back to.

1. Mishima Reserve

There are cookbooks you've been meaning to read, too many friends you haven't seen in months, and isn't it your turn to host the group anyway? A dinner party doesn't have to be any more formal than your favorite sweater. With gorgeous filets and close friends around the table, everything else will fall into place. Life's short, and those recipes aren't going to make themselves.

2. Mishima Reserve Tenderloin

A Mishima Reserve Tenderloin is both the height of extravagance and a hallmark of simplicity. Like the perfect little black dress or the classic blue blazer, there’s little you need to do to improve on its inherent elegance.

3. Iceberg Wedge

The ideas around yin/yang, high style/street style, or sweet & sour are all rooted in natural systems seeking balance. This dynamic certainly comes into play on the dinner plate—balancing the rich and savory with something lighter or acidic. We love the contrast of pairing an elegant Tenderloin with the more quotidian, cool and crisp, wedge salad.

4. Red Wine Reduction

If you’re going to be spending the day indoors, cooking and baking, try our Red Wine Reduction. The recipe is easy to follow and bulletproof to pull off. It’s like making a stew or your Uncle Mario’s signature sauce, you need to pay it a little bit of attention during the day. Trust us, you and your friends will be so glad you did.

5. Potatoes Flueron

When we serve the red wine reduction (instead of the Horseradish Crème), we usually opt for the richer potato recipe, the fingerling potatoes. Not that there’s anything wrong with going big with both sauces and both potatoes — it comes down to how many guests you’ll be having and whether you want your leftover tenderloin sandwiches to be merely delicious or award-winningly delicious.

6. Chocolate Old Fashioned

Our Master Bartender didn’t hesitate on this one. Such a sumptuous dinner demands a cocktail that speaks its language; a recognizable classic, layered with its own rich flavor accents. Warm and earthyhints of caramel from the bourbon, the tang of classic bitters, plus some chocolate on the finish.

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