Butcher's Cut Dinner

What beef-loving gastronome wouldn’t relish the chance to be completely immersed in the multi-sensory experience of a Mishima Reserve American Wagyu beef tasting dinner? For the host and guests alike, Butcher’s Cut Dinner is a chance to explore new culinary horizons, to deepen your knowledge and broaden your palate, and to indulge all of your senses—perhaps even over-indulge. This event is a fantastic way to share your passion with friends, while throwing a dinner party none of you will ever forget.

1. Welcome to New Cuts

The cuts of beef we’ve selected are like the lesser known wines recommended by your sommelier. These are the cuts knowledgeable butchers would keep for themselves because of their limited quantity, exceptional flavor, and price-to-quality equation. 

2. Butcher's Favorites

There’s a good chance your guests won’t be familiar with these butcher’s favorites – and therein lies the fun of discovery. As the host, you can reference tasting notes for each cut from our website that will help you impress your guests with your newly acquired knowledge of craft beef.

3. Zabuton - Bavette - Flat Iron

  • Zabuton 
    We love the Zabuton for its incredibly rich beefiness. It’s actually a boneless short rib, sliced thin to shorten the grain with a beautiful balance of tooth and tenderness that makes it an extremely satisfying eat.
  • Bavette 
    People tasting a Bavette for the first time are often blown away by its intense juiciness and flavor. Similar to a flank steak, but more tender because of its coarse, open-grain texture, and juicy like a Ribeye. 
  • Flat Iron 
    Everyone loves the view from the box seats, though the same thrill can be had just one row back with little compromise. The Flat Iron eats like the finest NY Sirloin, but without the premium price.

4. Supporting Sides

No gourmand would fault you for making a full meal of Mishima Reserve Zabuton or Flat Iron, but introducing a couple of supporting players will only help shine the spotlight on the beef’s rock star qualities.

5. Cauliflower

Toss together our popular Bennett’s House Green Salad or one of your own – something to add some cool crunch to the palate. Also, consider cauliflower. Yes, cauliflower. Follow our recipe or just douse it with your best olive oil, salt it like you mean it, spread it on a baking sheet, and roast it in the hottest oven until it begs for mercy.

6. Red Cabbage Peperonata

To provide another counterpoint to the richness of the beef – and a major splash of color to your table – try our red cabbage peperonata. Its sweet and sour with a garlicky zing makes for a great relish or side. This is another one you’ll want to prepare in advance, not only to save you time, but to give the flavors ample time to develop and meld.

7. Black Manhattan

Given the degree to which this dinner pulls out all the stops, our Master Bartender recommends a classic cocktail as your opening salvo, but one made even bolder and more flavorful with Amaro Averna. Cheers. 

8. E. Guigal Gigondas

This is no time for a timid wine. Gigondas, from the Rhone Valley, are known for their deep purple color and intense flavors. Dark roasted-plum fruit with spice and herbs, and tannins that add chew and density. Perfect for a beef feast.

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