Anniversary Dinner

If you’re lucky, the memories string together like pearls of a well-lived, well-loved—and if we have anything to do with it—well-fed life. You’ve had many a meal together, in locales both mundane and exotic. You’ve shared fast food, slow food, and the occasional all-you-can-eat-buffet. You’ve had toast for dinner, pizza for breakfast, and toasted the future with mimosas and bloodies over brunch. Our wish for you, as you celebrate your commitment to each other, is that your Mishima Reserve Anniversary Dinner be as unforgettable as your dinner companion.

1. Centerpiece

When your anniversary celebration has a dinner as the centerpiece, we think it should include your favorites, the ones you don’t always treat yourself to. All the best ingredients prepared and presented in ways that honor and elevate the ritual as well as the people at the table.

2. Every Detail Matters

In our closest relationships, it’s often the small details that count for the most. So in this way, there’s really no such thing as a small detail—every detail matters. For this dinner, we’ve selected two of our most exquisite cuts, both of them equally loved by all. Either selection will elicit swoons of delight.

3. Cap of Ribeye

Our Cap of Ribeye is the crème de la crème of cuts. In every tasting we do, this one lands at the top of everyone’s list of favorites. To create it, we deconstruct the traditional Ribeye to capture just the rich and juicy flavor curve of the muscle, trimming out the excess fat. For committed steak lovers, this one is unparalleled.

4. Tenderloin

Our other suggestion – and by no means a consolation prize – is our heralded Filet Mignon. The tenderloin, as the name implies, is the most tender of cuts and Mishima Reserve’s is off the charts. Our filet will take your breath away with its lean, melt-in-your-mouth elegance. 

5. Oven-Braised Fennel

The versatility and flavor of fennel – especially when it’s broiled – makes it a house favorite. It’s assertive enough to hold its own among the rich foods we love, and with a dash of turmeric it takes on an earthiness that will work wonderfully, both with the beef and the wine. And, truthfully, we can’t resist the color it brings to the plate.

6. Pan Seared Broccoli

Searing heat adds a dimension to broccoli that is both unexpected and welcome – like when an old friend surprises you with a knock on the door. As with all vegetables, freshness is your gateway to perfection. We like to blanch broccoli to amplify its color, and then it’s just a matter of your finest virgin olive oil and coarse salt. If you like a little more personality, a gloss of butter or a few drops of balsamic vinegar never hurts. 

7. The Last Word

One of you has to have it! This one is a prohibition-era cocktail, bright with gin and lime. A delicious way to celebrate the one you love.

8. Woodward Canyon "Old Vines" Cabernet Sauvignon

The “old vines” series is one of Woodward Canyon’s signature wines. Our Master Sommelier chose it for its slightly heavier profile, a perfect accompaniment for the beef.

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