A Carne Asada Feast

We're so smitten with the vibrant colors, textures, and flavors of Mexico, we don't need Cinco de Mayo as an excuse to celebrate. Bring on the carne asada, spicy salsas, smoky poblanos, and the aromatic posole. There's something so tactile and satisfying in preparing all the ingredients of a Mexican feast. The prep itself is part of the party, you and your friends creating an amazing meal while sipping cervezas or a salty margarita.

1. Mezzaluna

Some of the best parties happen in the kitchen. Chopping the succulent tomatoes, fire-roasting the chiles, or taking a turn wielding the Mezzaluna to prepare the beef - the entire experience is festive and fun. We don't know if reincarnation exists, but if so, then the sight, sound and smell of carne asada made with luscious Mishima Reserve sizzling on the cast iron makes us want to come back as warm corn tortillas. 

2. Outside Skirt Steak

The Outside Skirt Steak is great for your favorite marinade of spices and citrus. It slices beautifully – especially with the Mezzaluna – and its juicy, beefy flavor pairs beautifully with fresh ingredients. Best of all, the abundant marbling heightens that signature sizzle and imbues everything it touches with an amazing flavor. Maybe you should stop eating, but you won’t want to.

3. Fresh Ingredients

One of the things we love most about hosting a Mexican feast is that it’s easy to blow your guests’ minds with very little technical skill. As long as you’re using the freshest possible ingredients, the results you’ll see from these recipes will far and away exceed the effort required to bring them to life.

4. Yakimole

Everyone and their abuela has a secret ingredient when it comes to guac — including us. Kurt created his signature “yakimole” using fresh yams roasted in the skin, pureed and seasoned like you would its classic cousin. It not only adds a pop of color to the plate, but your friends will not be able to stop talking about how delicious it is – even with their mouths full. 

5. Chimichurri

There’s nothing better to balance the richness of carne asada than a generous drizzle of chimichurri, the classic South American steak sauce. It’s bright color and acidity is an irresistible counterpoint, and if you include a chipotle pepper or two, you can give it an extra kick.

6. Margarita

You don’t have to be a Master Bartender to know that the margarita would be on the guest list. It’s the perfect complement to everything you’ve got going on for this party. 

7. Cerveza Modelo Negra

No beer goes better with Mexican flavors like a Cerveza Modelo Negra.  Lime or no lime, its smooth, smoky and refreshing.

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