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New Year’s Eve

A memorable year deserves a memorable meal

  • Dec 12, 2018


Maybe 2019 is a year to sneak up on, bite by bite. Imagine a tasting menu of our American wagyu beef, trimmed to perfection, passed on trays, or arrayed on a buffet. Everyone could sample different cuts from our Butcher’s Cut Dinner selections, never having to commit to an entire steak. Never having to commit to one conversation or dinner companion. A bite of Ribeye on the balcony. New York Strip on the stairs. And over there near the bar, waiting on a Chocolate Old Fashioned, isn’t that a Porterhouse? Why, yes it is. Thank you very much.


Of course, 2018 has been a full year in so many ways for so many of us. Who would fault you for taking the last of it sitting down to an elegant meal shared with friends? There is something soothing to sitting around a table filled with food, friends, and fine crystal, the flicker of candlelight working its magic across the faces of your favorite people. Perhaps you begin with a Black Manhattan – a classic cocktail and excellent conversation starter. For the main course, no cut of beef is more worthy of a celebratory feast, than our Ultra Tenderloin Filet. No matter what disappointments one may have endured during the past year, this steak will not be counted among them.

Whether sitting or standing, formal or casual, may your new year be filled with nourishing foods, friendships, and time with family.