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New Traditions Have to Start Somewhere

  • Oct 30, 2018

Is there a more hidebound holiday than Thanksgiving? A tightly choreographed menu handed down to us by our historic forefathers, not to mention our mothers and grandmothers. We love traditions, the tried and true, and turkey, too. But what if you veered away from the predictable this Thanksgiving and added more surprise and delight to the menu? What if you transformed your traditional turkey dinner into an extraordinary Mishima Reserve Wagyu Beef feast?

It would make this Thanksgiving truly memorable — especially for steak lovers! 

You can still prepare your favorite side dishes: the mashed potatoes and the squash, the creamed onions and green bean casserole. Or, you might add something new to your repertoire — rustic blue cheese mashed potatoes are one of our chef’s favorites, roasted root vegetables are a perfect complement to the season, and Beecher’s signature mac and cheese is always a crowd-pleaser (kids’ table included!). And since you’re going with beef, try a deep and rich red wine reduction in place of the usual gravy. At the center of it all, one of our signature cuts of 100% American Wagyu Beef. 

One of our most impressive offerings is the 8 oz. Tenderloin, often referred to as the Filet Mignon. The Tenderloin is a classic cut of beef – many a steak lover’s favorite – and ours is melt-in-your-mouth tender with a rich and beefy flavor. There’s an elegance to the Tenderloin that your guests will appreciate as you present each of them with their own perfect filet. They’ll hardly need a knife to experience the first taste of what we hope is a long-lasting new tradition.

Another recommendation: our Cap of Ribeye. These steaks are one of our “Chef’s Picks” and are among the most marbled – juiciest – and rich. The Cap has so much flavor and personality on the plate, the potatoes will be smitten. As you pass the platter, watch as your guests’ eyes light up in anticipation of tasting what you’ve prepared for them. We guarantee many a raised glass and heartfelt toasts to the host, even from the diehard turkey lovers. 

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