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A Delicious Way to Celebrate Your Valentine

Share Your Love (And Your Love of Food)

  • Feb 04, 2019

Eating out on Valentine’s Day is akin to shopping on Christmas Eve. Spending a holiday surrounded by a sea of people falls short on a day meant to celebrate connection. Why not share a more intimate meal at home—something truly memorable for your sweetheart? After all, home is where the heart is.

We want to help make your Valentine’s meal as unforgettable as your dinner companion. To make this occasion truly extraordinary, we recommend a simple, yet elegant menu featuring two of our most exquisite cuts. Both will elicit swoons of delight and serve as seduction on a plate.


We believe Valentine's Day is all about sharing: the love and the food. For a romantic meal perfect for just that, pair a more masculine cut like our Cap of Ribeye with the more feminine Filet Mignon and enjoy eating from off each other's plates. 

Our Cap of Ribeye is the crème de la crème of cuts and a celebration of luxury. With this cut as your main course, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to a Michelin-starred restaurant. For committed steak lovers, this one is incomparable.

Our other suggestion is our heralded Filet Mignon. This tenderloin filet, as the name implies, is the most tender of cuts and ours is unparalleled. Our filet will take your breath away, and perhaps, remind you of the moment your Valentine did the same. 


For a compatible side to your sophisticated entrée, try our recipe for oven-braised fennel. With an unexpected dash of turmeric, it elicits an earthiness that complements the beef and wine beautifully. 

Like all vegetables, beginning with the freshest of ingredients is your gateway to perfection. Our recipe for pan-seared broccoli produces an accompaniment that adds even more dimension to the plate. To spice it up (it is Valentine’s after all) throw in a mashed garlic clove and a seasoning of red pepper flakes.


Lock eyes over The Last Word, a prohibition-era cocktail, bright with gin and lime. Whether shaken or stirred, this is an indulgent way to celebrate the one you love.

Our Master Sommelier recommends one of Woodward Canyon’s most distinguished wines, the “Old Vines” Cabernet Sauvignon series for its slightly heavier profile. This wine makes an ideal enhancement to the beef.
From there, allow your evening to unfold in a way for you to connect (or reconnect) with your loved one over an unforgettable dinner.