24oz. Cap of Ribeye

APPROX. 24oz..


This cut is available in 3 grades. Learn more

For steak connoisseurs, our Cap of Ribeye is widely considered the “best part of the best cut.”  Now, for the first time, we’re introducing Cap of Ribeye in a 24 oz size to allow the home chef greater versatility – grill it whole or “steak it out,” the choice is yours.

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About the 24oz. Cap of Ribeye

It’s fascinating when, across time and space, wide array of cultures expresses the same sentiment. The languages differ, but the meaning is the same. Such is the case with sic transit gloria mundi -- so passes the glory of the world, or as aptly put by Max Fischer in the Wes Anderson classic Rushmore, glory fades. The concept of a universal tendency toward human entropy exists from time immemorial and crosses cultures and epochs.  And it makes sense. When all the details are ironed out, when all the plans have been executed, and when there is nothing left to do but step back and admire the dedication, work, perseverance and love that went into the endeavor, the tendency is to sit back rest on one’s laurels. Which, of course, gives rise to the counter warning to not sit upon one’s laurels. Again, cultures across the spectrum of time have similar notions...never be satisfied. Your work is not done here. There’s always a better way. And therein lies the universal tension of achievement and the inevitability of the passage of time and the persistence of the human spirit.

  • Kuroge Washu bulls raised in the U.S. and bred with American cows
  • No added hormones or growth promotants of any kind
  • Hand-cut by our master butchers
  • Individually wrapped
  • BMS varies depending on grade (learn more about our grades)
  • Product ships with dry ice to arrive frozen or chilled
Undeniably rich with exceptional marbling, the cap of ribeye lies over the ribeye roll.
Undeniably rich with exceptional marbling, the cap of ribeye lies over the ribeye roll.

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Sustainably Packaged

We have two important objectives in preparing your order for shipment. First and foremost, that your meat arrives in perfect condition. Second, that the packaging be as environmentally friendly as possible. We seal each steak in its own airtight wrapper and use dry ice to ensure everything stays frozen or near-frozen in transit. The insulating liner is water-soluble and can literally be washed down the drain or composted, and the outer shipping carton is fully recyclable, post-consumer cardboard.

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